2300 AD – The Earth has been discovered by an advanced, implacable foe. Already, the colonies and mining facilities outside the solar system have fallen. Brief transmissions have confirmed: there is nothing Earth can do, with all its combined resources, to stop the Harati.

This will not stop Earth from defending at all costs. Every country and colony remaining has come together in a unified front that has never before been seen. But, there is the knowledge that the hope of remaining whole and free is, at best, a limited hope.

And so, a Plan emerged. 24 ships have been built and stocked. Crews and passengers have been hand-picked. 150,000 people per ship, from the billions that will remain behind. Each ship will depart on a different classified route to different locations throughout the Spiral Galaxy. The mission: to establish a new branch of Humanity for the future.

Though they leave behind everything and everyone they know, from the ashes of the past, humanity will rise.

Phoenix Rises

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