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This page is for working through the questions involved in exploring this game.

What’s your game’s genre?

This is almost ‘pure’ science fiction/ space opera, with a bit more emphasis on fiction. While it doesn’t have the ‘technobabble’ of Star Trek, it’s more like Babylon 5 and Stargate. Meaning, if you can bring in some real science, even if you stretch it to meet the game world terms (rubber science), then it would probably fly in the game.

What’s your game’s era?

This game is set in the relatively distance future, 2300 A.D. to start. Science has developed, of course… think like Babylon 5. Computers are very small and quite powerful, there are AI’s that perform simple tasks, but technology’s advancement did slow down, especially with another World War to complicate things. Medical advancement probably is the most significant with the ability to genemod a person in a specific way. Otherwise, there are no transporters, warp field technology, stargate/ wormhole technology or replicators.

What characters are available?

The PC’s will start out as (junior) officers on a colony ship. This will include Medical, Security, Engineering, Manufacturing, Navigation and Science, in no particular order of importance. Multiple people can be part of the same department because there are so many specialties, everyone will be able to contribute. The most important aspect is that everyone should be equally proactive as they are reactive to any given situation or environment.

What are the Departments responsible for?


- They are responsible for the physical and mental well-being of every person in the colony. This will include all that it entails today, as well as working with the other departments in adapting to their new homeworld, whether it is to deal with new or mutated diseases, adapting genemods to adapt to a new environment, and the study of a new planet.


- These personnel, take on the protection and defense of the colonists. This will include safety procedures for all exploration teams and off-world traveling, upholding civil rights, and ensuring the safety from non-human threats.


- They are directly responsible for developing and implementing new technology in practical applications. This will include technology applicable to every department, whether it is new weaponry, advanced computers or communication, or a new design for interplanetary travels.


- Probably the most populated of all the departments, they are tasked with providing every necessity of the colony until it is self-sufficient. This includes mining for resources, developing power supplies, and allocating resources that are demanded from all departments, whether it is to create new computers/ equipment for the science teams, or manufacturing transports and habitats.


- They ensure all transportation for all colonists, exploration excursions, and mining/ supply runs as well as the interplanetary patrols to attend to alien and pirate activities. In addition, they are also responsible for maintaining inter-system communications, the deep space and in-system telescope array, as well as working with security to defend and maintain civil rights and security in these regards.


- Perhaps the most ephemeral of the departments, they often have a less direct application but are instrumental for many of the in every department. They are tasked with the ongoing analysis of every aspect of the new home planet and developing science R & D for theoretical and practical application.

What is the world like.

Earth is very much as it is today. Every country maintains its own government within its own mandates, often with varying degrees of success.

However, the new homeworld will likely be quite different, possible radically so. There was limited time for Earth had to implement the colonization procedures. Every ship will have members from widely varying origins, including many countries (if not all) and in-system colonies. It was decided that no one plan would be sufficient to encompass widely- and limited-held beliefs. Truthfully, the moral, ethical, and legally beliefs that are paramount may very well be different on every ship.

Instead, each colony will be held to military procedures until the population is fully out of cryogenics and self-sustaining. It is at this time government formation will be initiated and upon implementation the military will resume its service to this new governing body.

What does that mean for the PC’s.

The characters (and the players) will have unusual levels of influence as people emerge from cryogenics. Given that it is possible that every character is from a different ethnic and/or social background, they will determine the powers, jurisdictions, and responsibilities of every aspect of the new world.

This is intended for mature discussions for the players. In-game, characters might become quite adamant regarding some issues, especially those stemming from ethical and moral issues, which should not be confused with player beliefs or wishes. This game is intended as much as for philosophical debate as it is for space travel and adventures.

In terms of role-playing, the GM will only moderate, possibly playing departments that have NPCs in position of authority. But, strictly, the GM will only implement what the PCs determine to be the path of the future.

Is there Magic or other Powers in the game?

There is no magic. However, it is possible that the characters will encounter such advanced technology as to engender the notion that magic exists.

However, Psionics do exist and are somewhat known to the populace. Those from small, developing countries MIGHT not be aware of them, or they may be accepted within its cultural beliefs. It is largely unknown just how well-developed these talents might be, though.

Are there going to be monsters?

The new homeworld (which will be named by the PCs) is unexplored at this time. Atmospheric probes and satellites can do only so much, after all. There will be a vast amount of information available to the characters, but 10% of all the knowledge (which would fill about 2% of the American Library of Congress — about 6 million books) still leaves a whole lot to explore… and there are always surprises.

What kind of weapons or equipment can I have?

For the most part anything you can have right now is available. Strictly speaking, people will have some limits on the amount they can bring, unless its electronic… every ship will have, essentially, the Library of Congress as well as a most extensive entertainment selection. This is not only for the well-being of the colonists, but also to preserve the accomplishments of the Human race.

It is not common for people to openly carry weapons on Earth. This may be the same on the new homeworld, unless it is deemed legal/necessary by either the colonial government or by the military. At the onset of establishing the colony, it is likely the PC’s will be armed, if only because they are on a new and unexplored world with many challenges and dangers.

For more tangible items, the players will have some free rein, unless the GM deems it excessive (How likely will the military/government be to allowing you to bring your personal jumbo jet liner?). The focus (of the game and the Authorities) is on survival and flourishing on the new homeworld.

Armor, and especially heavier armor, is generally considered to be a type of work clothes for people in dangerous professions. It is not something that is normally worn through out the day.

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