Phoenix Rises

Adventure Log, April 20th

[This is the log entered for the session on April 20th]

Medical managed to get the entire crew revived with only a few minor hiccups. Happily, two people, scheduled to crew another ship as officers were found. They now have a Security chief, Oisin and another Medical crew lead, Aislin O’Conlan.

The captain gathered the crew for one of the regular meetings. He’s still, medically speaking, in rough shape, but he is doing his best to meet the demands placed on him. He sets out the departmental assignments as follows:

  • Medical: Revive the rest of the crew and begin working on civilians. Begin analyzing planetary data, with Science, to develop any necessary genemods that they may need to adapt to their new world (to fight diseases, to ingest foods, to adapt to the air, etc).
  • Manufacturing: Begin preparing the Hydroponics and develop a proposal site for a mining facility (station, planetary, or in asteroids).
  • Engineering: Begin getting all the fusion reactors online and stable (Ship has been using only drive power and minimal power for instruments…not much more was needed).
  • Sciences: Begin collating and analyzing data streams coming from probes on the planet. Find 10 likely colonization sites.
  • Helm/Navigation: Get and ready transport ships and flyers. Landing pad was damaged, so that will have to be attended to before anyone can leave the ship easily (except for the transport that got them on Phoenix in the first place.
  • Security: Inventory what is actually available in the modules. Without a doubt, they do not have everything that had been deemed necessary for this venture and we need to know what shortages we’re looking at. Also, update or begin personnel files for everyone emerging from cryo.

Shortly after getting into the work, the ship is suddenly rocked, shuddering along the length of the 2-mile long ship. They are under attack! The AI will report that an energy burst came from the planet, somewhere around the equator. It does not have all the orbital satellites up yet, so it can’t pinpoint the exact location of origin.

By chance, one of the exterior cameras gets a visual that shows a ball of magma heading for the lens…then it goes dark.

The crew immediately gets into action, asking their one and only revived pilot to move the ship out of orbit. While there is structural damage, it isn’t nearly as bad as it could be.

However, they do have a crisis at hand. The attack did hit a major electrical junction. While ship systems are functioning at large, a few key systems were affected. Namely, an energy feedback took out a large section of a module. A good portion of this was simply storage, but there were cryogenic chambers there as well and there are over 300 people at risk. Coop, the chief medical officer is desperately worried…he does not have the manpower to bring them all out safely.

The crew call up all their personnel that has a modicum of medical training (and even a few that don’t)and reassign them for the duration. That taken care of, both Alan and Wendall get cracking to get power restored so those passengers have the time to revive safely. With Amazing intuition and know-how, they halve the number of chambers that are at risk. Medical begins to triage the rest.

It is then that the AI reports a faint transmission from the larger of the two moons. Being cautious, they send out a few camera probes to look at the surface to see if they can determine what is transmitting.

The moon is essentially much like Earth’s moon, albeit much smaller. They can’t see much, but they can tell there is…something…buried partly under the surface. It looks somewhat like an obelisk that had fallen or was submerged and is now exposed. A glow can be seen, but the interior is not discernible.

They suit up and go to the moon. It takes no time to find the obelisk, which is made of an unknown alien metal. One side is split and all they can see is a pool of a luminescent liquid. Tentative readings show that it has all the qualities of being uranium…but it is not radioactive… an impossibility by all known science.

They can also tell that the obelisk is fed by microchannels of this liquid. A further mystery is that the liquid moves in a prescribed manner but has no casings. It is as if it is flowing through invisible conduits. They follow the trail a little and find that these channels lead to a network of obelisks all equidistant of each other and are covering all the sectors of the moon.

The team gathers a bit of the mysterious element and head back to the ship, unwilling to risk setting off further reactions by moving the obelisk.



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